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How I work

How I work: FAQ

First we speak on the phone

After you've got in touch with me I will give you a phone call.

You can tell me what’s brought you to counselling and I can let you know if I think I can help. I can also answer any questions you may have.

Assuming you’re happy to go ahead, we can arrange a time to meet for our first face to face, telephone or online session. I will also send you my contract to review and sign in advance of our first session. 

It’s likely this initial phone call will last about five minutes.

The first session

This session is an opportunity for us to meet in person either face to face or via telephone or online.

You can explain in more detail what’s brought you to counselling and how you’d ideally like to feel and think as a result of the counselling.

If we decide we want to work together, we will complete some formal procedures, including creating your client record, and arrange to speak weekly or fortnightly at a set time.

If you prefer to meet for a single session, we will work in a more coaching style to identify and address your needs within the session. 

Regular weekly or fortnightly sessions

You can decide whether you want to define the number of regular sessions you'd like to attend or we can leave it open-ended.

If I have to cancel a session, I will give you as much notice as possible, usually a minimum of four weeks. 

When you choose to end your counselling it is always advised for us to have a final session.

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